omg hii

welcome to my indefinently never finished webspace !! just take a look around !

5/3/22 - welcome

hey there, i'm Vessel!! it looks like you're currently in the INDEX. even though it's a "index" this mainly acts as a blog !i put art, updates, and what the hell ! i also might swear alot, yikes. this theme was made by REPTH. it's pretty blank, but i'll get there! also, blog posts can get juggled up togther, so watch out.

5/6/22 - fUCK

ok i just need to get this off my chest

APARENTALLY,,,,, i was trying to make a new index, but it keeps viewing as the blog?????? i have the different code n EVERYTHING but it keeps on making this page????? what the fuck?????there's no "Oh, here's a 'we'll replace this entire HTML with this one'-tag (i don't know man i don't have experience with HTML) and i keep on copying and pasting THE SAME GODDAMN HTML and it does not work. i'm going fucking monkey insane back here in my little blanket. and let's not get started with FUCKING MAY. i've always hated May as a leetle kid; but this May? hell nah. it rained so MUCH, and i got so wet. man, i wish i didn't have school. just no school, period. and then it'll be wet probably. even though my birthday is in April, i hate the spring months. it's either hot, or COOOOLLLDD. i was practically freezing in April !and one day after, it was unbearably hot ! and man, today had to be the worst. it was SO cold; i know that's on me for not checking the weather and not only bringing an umbrella. but even in my school building, my ammmonia-chalk-scented school building, it was cold. and we can't really have coats inside, so i couldn't put a jacket on, even if i brang one ! and, i can't even conclude this.

5/5/22 - funny-ass Vriska

hi. i made something amazing.

5/5/22 - wow, two things in one day?

hi it is thursday. i am tired. i could not fucking get up today